Art Collection                                                                                                                                        
Jeune Création Européenne art residence project, 2016
The Art Collection project is carried out during the residency project in Montrouge (Paris) supported by Jeune Création Européenne.
The project starts from the analysis of the dynamics of a residence for artists. Primary goal of a residence is get in touch with a different social and professional environment in order to open your research to new possibilities and, at the same time, create new contacts.
In contemporary society, people are facing a radical change in the way they interact to each other, boosted by technology and the use of web social networks. Number of contacts has become an aspect for having a successful career. The network represent us.
Quoting George Dickie in his institutional art theory, a work of art is based on its ability to be recognized and accepted by the artworld and all its members.
During my staying I have met the largest possible number of artists, curators, gallery owners and art professionals in general (the artworld) to exchange with them our visiting/business cards.
At the end I made an house of cards.